The maneuver in aerial fight invented by Max Immelmann with the reason to gain higher altitude while making the turn into opposite direction. This turn can be used to avoid head to head attack as it was used to surprise enemy by flying cross each other and then turning back with this maneuver to attack it from more advantaged altitude. Read more



Banner uploadCheer up folk this device really helps you make the flight a lot more pleasure from starting the engine until landing your expensive plane. The Glow Plug Driver is not merely a remote glow plug igniter but also is the engine booster for entire flight. Give your plane a good treat with this awesome device. Read more



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Nice material and precision handcraft where all the parts are fitted quite well into each other. I followed the step by step suggestion in the manual and it is probably one of a good detail and correct direction among the other Chinese make, so building this plane will not be a pain in the neck like many other models which I had tried long before. Read more




For RC flyer what would be more ecstasy than flying a nitro Plane that you love? Scale or aerobatic the nitro RC plane gives a true feeling of running machine that signify a real treat in this hobby. I used to fly a lot of electric RC plane but it is not comparable to the fun I found on the nitro engine plane. Well you need to read this. Read more



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RC airplane kits are the set of air frame, wings and other parts of the model plane that needs to be assembled and joined before getting off to fly.  Today the RC airplane kits are easier to put together than that of the older time.  Most of their parts such as main wings, fuselage, and tail pieces are pre-covered or painted with the fine material with the aid of latest technologies. Read more



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There are plenty of choices available, Trainer, Scale war-bird, Aerobatic, and ducted fan jet just pick the one that is right for you.  From which I mentioned here the ducted fan jet RC plane are very demanded in the market. It looks awesome and scale from head to tail and is becoming bigger and bigger in size today.  Read more



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Four-point roll is a series of ¼ rolls. The pilot starts from level flight with safe altitude and engages his first quarter roll with knife-edge and freeze, secondly he rolls the plane inverted and freeze, thirdly he rolls the plane into opposite knife-edge and freeze, finally he rolls the aircraft back to upright position. Read more



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Mitsubishi A6M Zero-Sen was once a fortune maker for the Japanese empire. It was the invasion tools that symbolized the rising sun for four years long until the sun would finally set. A6M first appeared in the sky with full surprise to its enemies and was the symbol of Japanese air power that had a capability in many rolls including a carrier-based fighter. Over 10,000 Zero were produced during the ravaged of the WWII.  Read more



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This is a spectacular maneuver particularly when performing at a low passing altitude.  It uses to be a jaw dropping moment for audience in any flying event. Every aerobatic RC flyer need to make it right in particular but the hard part of this maneuver is keeping the plane in a straight line. Read more



It was method to get behind the enemy or used to escape the pursuit. Practically the Japanese pilots enter the stall turn at full speed from level flight or from long shallow dive to gain more speed. Following the moment they pull straight up and climb vertically long until the plane lost or nearly ended up the speed. The pilots give rudder a yaw trying to rotate 180 degree on one wing side and dropping straight down returning to normal altitude. The turn looks best if it is done in place slowly. Read more 



The nitro engines are commonly running on the methanol- based fuels and with the adding of lubricant plus a portion of nitro methane it is an ideal fuel to power your model engines.  The glow plug itself consists of spiral-wired platinum element which is installed in the top part of the engine. Read more



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Airfoils are the shape of wing cross section that results in aerodynamic efficiency.  Each airfoil gives different flight characteristic as some are good for lift, some are good for fast flying with lesser drag force depends on the designed purposes. Read more



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    • Welcome to our website just give it a try with flight simulator and it is so fun to be with. I also recommend you to read Beginner page and you will be in the right place to start the RC Plane as a hobby. Have a nice day.

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    By the way, this domain will do wonders for you its something people will easily remember.Good Luck!

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