About meHi everyone my name is Tinnakon I love RC plane and I’m going to help you find out the answers over the topic of how to RC plane.

Newbie or skillful flyer

This place can be a reference home for you to recheck and reinforce your knowledge for your favorite hobby. Now it doesn’t matter if you are electric flyer or nitro flyer the fundamental is almost the same. With elaborated detail for each type of power generated module – engine and motor, you are in the right place to set up your RC project with time saving and smart choice of choosing right system for your RC plane.

How to choose the right motor or engine, how to choose the right propeller, how to find the CG for RC plane, these are some basic questions we always ask among us RC flyer. I will post these idea one by one to get easy link to the answer you need. And if those answer are not clear enough why don’t you drop a comment in the place provided. I will discuss with you over the topic you are interested in and will try to find the answer for you or with you.

Sharing you with my 15 years of RC plane experience

Success and fail are all help tune me up along the way. These make me more realistic and critical flyer. So, your are right, I waste a lot of time and my resources to find the right answer for better RC flying. In the club that I joined we were all in the same scenario – trying fail and success and learnt from our own experience. In fact it was more fail for the beginner than today’s. It took gut, persistence, and money all the way through being successful flyer.

This will be less repeating itself since there are more tools and feasible learning from many source such as flight simulator an other social media that you can consult with ease of laboring. Just follow the one who have been through that hurdle before and you will be at good flyer with less time spending than the others.

Being a smart flyer

One thing to remember for the newbie is not to jump into flying rc plane without enough knowledge and helper. Why? because the lust to fly and the perception of toy is arousing you to think that it is a toy and play them around like radio control car. It is not funny to tell you that almost rc plane kit sold out there need to say on the box or their manual that ” this is not a toy, flyer must take full responsibility of the damage and severe of life that may occure from flying this plane “.

So please be patient to pay attention to all detail, tip and other contents that will be valuable information for you to be good flyer.The main purpose of this website is focusing more on flyer knowledge than builder knowledge, so the extra detail of building rc plane will not be mentioned here. Rather, the exact knowledge that needed to set up the plane for a successful flight is more to be elaborated.

I Hope you enjoy my howtorcplane website and am looking forward to seeing you being a successful flyer.


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  1. Tinnakon,
    I have several RC items. Most do not leave the ground. I have trouble hitting objects when I can not control my flight.
    I will look at some of your suggestions to get better at this hobby.

    • Hello John nice to see you here. May I suggest you to visit one of my page which is Beginner where you can get some orientation of the plane just before making attempt to fly. Have a happy holiday for you and your family.

  2. Thanks for the flying information. My kids are interested in this, but it seems like a big investment. I will be reading up, so we can make informed decisions. Thanks. Enid

  3. Thanks for the flying information. My kids are interested in this, but it seems like a big investment. I will be reading up, so we can make informed decisions. Thanks. Enid

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