Remote Control Airplane

REMOTE CONTROL AIRPLANE     If you love airplane and aviation it is highly possible that you will love remote control airplane as well. As I am one of the RC plane enthusiasts (RC stands […]

How to fly RC plane

How to fly RC plane   Many people who are interested in RC plane are always curious or wondering how to get start the RC plane hobby in an efficient way. I have the answer […]

Electric RC planes

  ELECTRIC RC PLANES   I am one of a RC flyer who appreciates Electric RC planes.  Actually I have many nitro planes in my hangar and it used to be my favorite kind of […]

Four-Point Roll

  Four-Point Roll / Hesitation Roll   Many RC flyers should have seen this maneuver at least once I believe and ever wonder how to make it on your own RC plane. This awesome shot […]


  A6M ZERO FIGHTER from Hobby people EP model plane   History of the MITSUBISHI A6M ZERO FIGHTER The Mitsubishi A6M Zero-Sen was once a fortune maker for the Japanese empire. It was the invasion […]

Knife Edge

  KNIFE- EDGE MANEUVER   This is a fantastic maneuver particularly when performing at low passing altitude.  It uses to be a jaw dropping moment for audience in any flying event. Every aerobatic RC flyer […]


  Hammerhead / Stall Turn   History of Stall Fighting The stall turn is an evasive maneuver dating back to WWI. It was called renversement or reversing but the Air show announcers call it a […]

Immelmann Turn

    Max Immelman Biography   His initial experiences as an airman were not glamorous however, operating as a reconnaissance pilot near Lille in France.  In short order however Immelmann established a reputation as an effective […]


    Airfoils for RC flyer   Airfoils are the shape of wing cross section that results in aerodynamic efficiency.  Each airfoil gives different flight characteristic as some are good for lift, some are good […]