Christen Eagle


Christen Eagle Electric ARF kit from Seagull Model

Model details

Wing Span : 900 mm

Length : 788 mm

Wing area : 26.3 square dm

Weight : 1.6 Kg.


This is one of a good looking rc plane kits you can own. I use the Emax GT 2826/04 1090 Kv with 11×5.5 prop and 50 Amp ESC from Redbrick on this rc plane. At this setting I should have 2,000 g. of thrust with three cell Li-Po battery which is enough to drive this bird for aerobatic maneuver.  I had an experience with the biplane before with Pitt 52 Size Nitro engine, its nasty behavior is about the difficulty to taxi on the ground for its tendency to circulate when apply some speed prior to take off from the ground.


  No surprise I need time to get acquaint with this characteristic and it is learnt with patient practice. So no need to hurry and to bring this plane in the sky, just learn how to taxi this plan straight on the ground is worth the time. But don’t be discouraged with this thread since it is the story of the nitro Pitt not the Christen Eagle in our review.



This rc airplane kits, with Electric motor yielding lesser weight, is easy to control on the ground, but you need to be aware that applying too much power in the initial take off will cause the plane to spin since its double wing on each side identically produces bigger momentum to the head load. It is recommended that you be soft to the throttle stick during take off stage, guide the plane in a straight path (with careful rudder steering) until it gets of in the air. The flying is smooth in moderate speed without worrying of any bad manner, however do not go too far since the plane size is quite small otherwise you will be in trouble reading its position.


On the aerobatic side it is not easy to be friend with, just try really basic maneuver and it will obey you but if you want to kick in some brilliant action like Hump T bump or Knife edge side slip it won’t truly response to the input you want to make it through.


 I would believe that the descended brother which bears 1.20 engine will be more agile and better handling than this one. So being simple with soft stunt is more than enough to play with this little Eagle. Luckily you own the plane that surely catches good attention in the sky due to its superb biplane scale.  In my judgement this eagle is absolutely not recommended for the beginner, but the intermediate to advance flyer is welcome.   


The evaluation for this rc airplane kits is here::

Price 5 Stars I bought this one for 136 $ US excludes all electrical gadgets.

Ease of build : 4 Stars some part of screw fixing is absolutely unfavorable but overall is OK.

Quality of material used on the model : 4 Stars

Aesthetic look : 5 Stars        

Performance and handling in the air : 3 Stars 

Gliding characteristic : 4 Stars  


Any comment to the above review is welcome.