Right thrust





What is the Engine Right Thrust, and how to fix it?


On the model rc plane the angle on this aspect is called “Right Thrust”, It is designed to counter the Torque produced by the engine.  The torque is variable upon the engine revolution, Propeller size and the plane speed. The maximum torque occurs when the engine revolution is high but the plane speed is low. Such situation occurs when the airplane is in the take off stage.


Probable Right Thrust angle of 3 – 5 degree is suggested for the model rc plane which is High-Wing Trainer (without Aileron). The same type of plane with Aileron should add no more than 3 degree right thrust on the engine.  These suggestion is good for both nitro plane engine and electric motor engine.


Shoulder-Wing and Low-Wing has around 0 – 3 degree right thrust.

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