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My most favorite RC plane of all time and the name SPITFIRE is right in all courses for its decent duty during World War II.  In my thought SPITFIRE is the Dragon in the fairy tale that “spit the fire” to destroy their enemy. Read more




In the flying club many member enjoy RC Drone in their spare time as it needs small space to get fun for both indoor and outdoor.  As a RC plane enthusiast I never fell for RC Drone in any extent but lately my curiosity went up high and I think this might me the time to proof if it could rock my crazy button or not. Read more




The Ju 87 Stuka was the most feared weapon in the German arsenal in the first year of World War II (1939-1945), the Luftwaffe using it to deadly effect during the Blitzkrieg between September 1939 and June 1940. We give you the review of one of the most salable kit. Please stay tuned. Read more




A service plane that was designated to make routine bombing and being one of the iconic aircraft in WWII.  B-17G Bomber was used by the US Army Air Corp for strategic bombing of targets in Europe. It could fly higher than any other Allied bomber at that time, and it was contributed to heavy bombing than many other Allied bombers. Read more




This German plane is quite resemble to the Eindeker or FokkerE which was in service during WWI.  There are no complicated parts in the building, it looks blunt and raw so it was named an Ugly Stik from its appearance. For RC lover Das Ugly Stik is a very responsive and highly maneuvering plane and there are no bad tendencies to fly with. Once you get into the Stik it will never fail you. Read more



WEEKLY REVIEW: Build the Flying Wing


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Flying wing is always a fancy in most flying event due to its jaunty look and unique paint that is no limitation to the idea.  The one of mine is resemble to batman flying wing and it looks great in the sky. I got it in one occasion from my friend who lives in different town.  This local made product costs around 20 US dollar – no motor and any electrical gadgets included.  Not bad for the price and with the good setting it flies far beyond its cost.  That is a good reason to build one on the weekend.  Let’s start the project. Read more





Banner Flying Wing2Hello folk this week is special as always.  How about a Slope soaring, Racing, Combating, and Fun flying that are built into one design? Flying wing is meant to be in just case. It is also cheap and easy to build one on your own, let’s take a look at this amazing wing together. Read more 



MIni Banner Fun Fly

Funfly banner

Everyone never expects to see the common thing around the corner flies. This idea is absolutely added to the fascination of the hobby. Fun fly usually draws much more viewers to the scene in most places. Think of the Fun fly day where the sky is full of unexpected flying objects with their funny maneuver around. Let’s imagine a kind of thing like yellow cab that runs on the road and then takes off into the air and flies like a plane – get the idea yet.  Read more



WEEKLY REVIEW : Nitro Engine or Brushless Motor


Banner headingMost RC flyer loves Nitro engine and its fume and pretty much enjoy a sound of the flight. I appreciate both electric motor and nitro engine but flying in a quiet day with electric motor is a fascination one. Both power unit have its own unique attributes.  Please be welcome to my story and get well informed. Read more 



MIni Banner 0.25 Spitfire

A 1.0 meter wing span with OS25FX on this Semi-scale is not for a fainted heart flyer.  Considering a bit oversize engine on this little spitfire but the control and handling is really enjoyable. I tested all these planes with one equipped with tuned pipe. Read more




MIni Banner F4U

How nice to know that the significant devices that are used in the Quad copter are built in this plane. They open a new segment for the Scale flyer who needs safety gadget and I think it is a nice try. Well the customer is the king and they are straight forward to say what they get against the money they spent. Read more



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Many beginner are lEasy trainer 340x200ooking for the plane that could give them longer training flight and good value for money. But there are so many trainer plane out there so we try to make it clear from our experience to indicate which plane is most likely to answer your question.  We start to look to the plane that is flying great and friendly to the newbie and in the investment point of view it must be crash proof design – to a good extent of durability. Come and see the pros and cons of FMS Easy Trainer we deliver to you the trusted information. Read more



The rc planes for sale found in Japan’s aircraft-world.com was almost forty percent off from a normal price. Hyperion is well recognized as a high quality product manufacturer but the less competitive price dampens its sales to many rc flyer.  It is branded for upscale market for those who demand exceptional quality. This was on a special occasion to see its plane on sale, however when focusing on the BF109E It keeps me skeptic why they offered such price. After flying this plane I have found so many things to tell you, ready yet, let me proof if this is an Evil or Angel?  Read more




This eye catching balsa model has 1.25 meter wing span and with electric driven motor it is coming cheap and fun to fly. This kit comes from The World Models manufacturer that carries huge collection of plane and is well recognized as a reliable radio control plane maker. I have flown it and discovered that electrical conversion is a better than the nitro engine in any aspect. But if your soul cry for the smell of nitro fuel and the screaming of engine combustion then fit in the 0.25 Cu inch nitro eater right away.  Read more



WEEKLY REVIEW: Christen Eagle ARF kit from Seagull Model


It has been introduced in earlier 2014 but less review has been published to our RC society. This little Eagle is electric propulsion with the look that is undeniable for its charming form head to tail. The built of finest materials and precision control are beyond our expectation. It is highly worth owning for any flyer who are looking for the perfection of scale Read more




Mini Banner Trainer Plane         

beginner rc plane

I would believe that many of new folk get off to the hobby store getting some idea there and end up with new box of plane in your car. The most exciting part is you came over some training on Flight Simulator and now it is time to try real flight. Let me give you an idea of which type of plane could help aid in your training and give longer service hour.  Read more.



New project? See how to match all Electrical gadgets. 


I usually have more understanding of how to set up electrical equipment from my wrong doing and from what experienced flyer did on his plane.  So I copied their idea and am proud of the technique that is carried onto my rc plane.  However I discover that it is more delicate to have all electrical gadget blended up perfectly.


In the rc plane Electronic speed control, Motor,  Battery and Propeller are matching into one system.  I give you some case study of what may happen if any of these parts are poorly matched. Let me bring you the guideline in here. One click on the picture will bring you in the information. Read more.

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  1. Hello and thank you for a really interesting website about remote controlled planes. I would love to take this up as a hobby so I have bookmarked you and look forward to coming back and finding out more!

  2. This is a great website for anyone thinking of getting started in RC flying. The information you can find here will help you become familiar with everything there is to know about RC flying.

  3. Hi there,
    Great website, mate. Very informative and comprehensive website. I’m not very techie, and I struggle a lot with my boy’s RC planes and other flying objects.
    I will keep an eye on your posts.

  4. What a cool website and a great niche. Since I was a kid I thought RC Planes were the coolest thing ever. They have always fascinated me, thank you for bringing me up to date with them

  5. I always wanted to fly RC crafts, though never found myself with one. Maybe it’s time to start! Wonderful information and definitely a site well done.

    • Welcome to our website just give it a try with flight simulator and it is so fun to be with. I also recommend you to read Beginner page and you will be in the right place to start the RC Plane as a hobby. Have a nice day.

  6. Wow! I didn’t think they were having remote planes like this. This is very interesting info. I’ll definitely have to get one of these. I’ll be sure to come back here for more detail info. Thanks for sharing Tinnakon…:)

  7. Your website is really advanced, great work!!! Your articles are very interesting & I will have to tell my husband about them because he LOVES rc planes & cars. Best wishes 🙂

  8. Hi Tinnakon, you have a very interesting website on model aeroplanes. My brothers used to have one when we were younger and I know that they are a great hobby for many men nowadays.

    I will give your site details to my brothers and see if they want to take up the hobby again. It would make it easier to know what to buy them for presents for special occasions.


  9. Very cool website! I actually fly real planes, but It is neat to see an interest in flying around RC airplanes. I do this as a hobby as well. I will keep checking back!

  10. LOVE Rc Planes even though i never owned one. I was actually really close to purchasing one but there was a lot that went into it and living in the heart of New York City i just wasn’t sure where i was going to fly it. In case you were wondering it had a sort of Stealth Bomber look to it. Sooner or later i must own one, i don’t care what the city thinks haha.

    By the way, this domain will do wonders for you its something people will easily remember.Good Luck!

    • Hi Drend nice to know you I surely have a lot of thing to add in later on.
      I am looking forward to seeing you start flying RC plane and let me get a help for you.

  11. Hi, You have a pretty cool site.Heaps of info.I will get back to it- you never know it might be a new hobby for me.

  12. VEry nice site. I am retired Air Force and it was nice to see and be reminded of all the old aircraft. Thanks so much.

    • Nice to have you here Bill I hope this website can bring you more as a weekly magazine where you can read it in your spare time. Have a great day.

  13. Hello here, I did not expect to see so many models. Overall I adore airplanes. I like this moment when it goes faster and faster and lifts up in to air. I read, that real speed is about 200 miles pro hour. It can be true? People who can not fly, air plane models could be fun and joy to explore them. Keep up good work, your website is fascinating, all the best, Nemira.

    • Thanks for the visit and glad to know you here. As a RC plane enthusiast just reading the related issue could make joyful moment for us all. Have a nice time checking in and getting more of it next time please.

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