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RC airplane kits are the set of air frame, wings and other parts of the model plane that needs to be assembled and joined before getting off to fly.  Today the RC airplane kits are easier to put together than that of the older time.  Most of their parts such as main wings, fuselage, and tail pieces are pre-covered or painted with the fine material with the aid of today technologies.  The model RC planes we are flying today have more complicated system as well as the aesthetic look of a real plane.


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The RC airplane kits we are buying today can be found into two different types as one is ARF Kit which stands for Almost- Ready to- Fly and another one is RTF kit which means Ready- to- Fly. If you are a beginner in the RC hobby it would be better to buy RTF kit since it has everything you need to fly right out of the box. The down side of RTF kit in common is it used to have poor quality radio transmitter – meant less radio transmission range, low grade battery, and the stock motor which is a bit under power. But that seems to be in relation to the price which is not too dear and to the fact that those RTF kit were mostly manufactured in China.  In my opinion RTF kit from this source is acceptable for the newbie as I had tried TW742 which was high-wing Trainer plane and I was enjoying it for reasonable period of time. This plane is, however, not an ideal plane for beginner since it did not glide well and the head-on crash can damage the motor.


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Once you decide to buy the RTF kit make sure that all parts are not missing and the test of all equipment are also essential.  In a real situation the long delivery might damage or even bend the part inside the box – this was happened from time to time particularly with was an oversea shipment.  Even though you found the QC sticker on the box but it does not guarantee that every part will always be in right condition. So check all the parts and make the function test thoroughly particularly the moving surfaces that correspond to all radio channels.  My suggestion is try to have a friend that knows how to play RC plane with you while doing all the testing.  Starting RC hobby alone without any helper is not good idea and it might discourage you from enjoying the hobby so it is recommended that you have a good guidance from the experienced flyer who can assist you throughout the learning.


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It is good idea to join the nearby flying club where there are many enthusiasts gathering around and is an ideal place you can observe and ask all the questions you need to know. This is the safe place to fly as well as the available of tutor with good lessons for new RC flyer so you get full recommendation of what plane will be good for you plus a right learning with better opportunity to success.





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This is Almost Ready to Fly kit which still needs all electrical system such as servo, engine or motor, radio receiver and glue to complete the building. You need to have some knowledge and skill to perfectly build the ARF kit though it is not as hard as it was for those old kits.  ARF kit is right for RC flyer who demands perfection of model plan.  What passion do you have in mind when flying your RC plane? Once you can master the plane you will surely look for a more realistic model plane I believe. The ARF kits will be the answer you need to look for as there are a number of suppliers who offer such kit in most places. Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, and USA are well known for the sources of manufacture for the ARF kits. There are plenty of reviews in YouTube including this website where you can check out for good information. So it is a plus to dig around the useful media before making any purchase on the kit.


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The Good and the Bad RC kits


Some types of plane such as Pylon racer or 3D version of plane require decent skill for proper flying. Good or bad plane is known when it can perform the required maneuvers well or not – providing that you are keen with that type of plane and had flown some of them before.  If I were a skillful F3A flyer I can give you a review and making full comment on the F3A kit I have tested otherwise it will rather be misled comment.


In this light good or bad RC airplane kits are not concerning only the quality of the product but also the performance which score up in the air that brings value to its own brand.  One note for the new RC flyer is that you need to adjust yourself to the RC plane you fly, which means it is better for you to fly one type of plane until you can develop your skill and master such plane.  Jumping from one plane to others in a day is also fun but it will not give you better flying skill and lack of learning plane’s limitation.



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Both RC airplane plane kits worth trying depends on your flying skill but please make sure you have read some reviews or asking the person who have flown those kits before.  The recommendation from experienced flyer in such model is more reliable than the statement printed on the product and the advertisement given in its website.  However the brand name that is trustful for long time can be one reliable source of product, to name a few Great Plane, Hangar Nine and Kyosho are some of those manufacturers that are well known for their quality products. If no review have ever be given on the model you want to buy then purchasing the kit from a well known manufacturer could be safer idea.


I hope you found some information here useful and help you get into the right decision. The story I gave is based on the experience I have on my own if there are any better idea in relation to this topic it is most welcome. Therefore if there are any things I am missing or need to be more elaborated with please kindly leave a message in the provided comment area.



15 thoughts on “RC airplane kits

  1. Great article on airplane kites.

    I didn’t know much about this stuff and the different types of airplane kites that existed. But you have really educated me on that with this post of yours.

    I also like how you went further to give readers an idea of the pros and cons associated with RC airplane kits. That was really good

  2. Hi Tinnakon, I am a newbie to this, but your article contains all the information one needs to start this hobby and buy the right thing. You mention some differences between an ARF and RTF kit. Should they not be of the same quality or is the RTF kit only for a total newbie who can be expected to crash it? Cheers, Jerry

    • The different between these two kits is one has everything that you need to fly right away (RTF). Another one is only airplane parts and you need to buy separately the radio transmitter, engine, battery etc that why it is called Almost Ready to Fly (ARF)

  3. Hi Tinnakon, you have a detailed explanation in your website regarding to this RC plane. I was once wanted to own one so much, as I personally was dreaming of becoming a pilot.
    At least for now, I know that the RC plane kit comes with RTF & ARF kit. In the future, these terms will catch my eye if I ever met one!

    • That is awesome people love flying and simply reading the flying magazine will surely be a good entertainment and brings you to an imagination of aviation.

  4. I remember as a kid, my dad was in a RC airplane club we would go out to the field and watch them fly their plains just about every weekend. We had a lot of fun watching them fly and ever crash at times.

    Your blog is very good telling about the different types of kit RC airplanes, and which ones are the best and worse.


    • Thanks for sharing a nice moment with me I hope you come back and check new stuffs from time to time. For RC lover it is pretty much a relaxing time I think.

  5. I found your site to be very well structured and informative. I especially like the beginners page. Airplane are a true amazing design and your sight has given me a new appreciation for aviators either hobbyists of professionally. I think you have a real winner here. Good luck with sales!!

    • Thanks for your a appreciation and the compliment given. Many people love aviation and aeroplane I believe and they would love to look for nice information around. This website is still in an eariler stage and need to be adjusted to reader preferences. Good to have comment from you

  6. I love these kits.
    We used to get into model planes back in the day but then we got hung up on RC cars.
    I am thinking of getting a kit and starting back up with this.
    The last time we flew planes was in the 70’s/ Remember those horribly loud engines?
    Are they still that loud or do the new ones run more quietly?


    • Under the Electric RC Plane you will discover how powerful mortor can propel the RC plane nowadays. It is much cleaner and no blunt screaming of the engine that you don’t like

  7. I love these kits.
    We used to get into model planes back in the day but then we got hung up on RC cars.
    I am thinking of getting a kit and starting back up with this.
    The last time we flew planes was in the 70’s/ Remember those horribly loud engines?
    Are they still that loud or do the new ones run more quietly?


  8. Hi, I’m really glad I foudn your site and article today as I’ve been looking at a kit model for the last couple of weeks. My son is interested in the eRc Nano Stik Indoor/Outdoor Electric RC Plane RTF. Do you have any opinions on this for a starter model? Is it any good?

    • Thanks for your visit the Stik is pretty good flying type of plane and the RTF is more easy to set up the plane to get off and fly. As a starter plane the Stik is good and ease of control but this means that you have some skill in flying. If you are worry about this just browse though my website under the column “How to fly RC plane” and you will get some idea. If you want to determine the good trainer plane I also have “RC plane for beginner” for you

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