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ARF KIT Almost Ready to Fly kit is sold without power generator, without all electrical gadgets. Most ARF kit supplies only plane parts such as fuselage, wing, landing gear, push rod and all necessary thing to build the plane. This type of kit is mostly designed for scale lover who like to handle a real looking airplane in the air. The market for this type of kit is huge in demand. It offers a temptation of flying both in the sky and on any ground.



 RTF KIT  3380-2Y_AccipiterBadiusYellowReady to Fly kit gives you all the things you need to fly. We generally find everything included in the pack.  This kit is mostly available for the beginner type of plane with its moderated function in flight. The good side of this offer is you don’t have to worry about the matching of all devices but you are advised to have an experienced flier to accompany you when start flying.



Li-Po Battery lipo-batteryThe Lithium Polymer battery is made from a gelled electrolyte and is rechargeable. Li-polymer cells are packed in a flexible foil-type case (polymer laminate or pouch cell). The voltage is ranged upon the number of cell count, for instant the nominal rated of three cell is 11.1 volt which is 3.7 volt per cell in general. We usually find the plane that are made for this type of battery which start form two cell (7.4 volt) up to sx cell (22.2 volt). However the mentioned voltage after charging will be higher such as three cell Li-Po is able to reach 12.7 volt after fully charged.



Servo 0J3158.250Servo is the mechanism that produces the force in term of push and pull action like a muscle of human being. With the link to the control surface via push rod, it moves such substance up/down or left/right or in/out position depends on the designed usage.



Glow Plug  Glow plugis the device that provides heat to the cylinder, when the fuel is sucked in the cycle of compression and combustion begins thus driving the moving parts in automated cycle. A glow plug maintains heat to itself all the time even during the exhaust stroke to cover the next compression and power stroke.



T14FG2Transmitter is a radio unit that sends a command to a receiver on the model plane.  When the radio working is in process the command are assigned to separated channel that dedicated to each throw action. Basically four channel radio transmitter is enough to control pitch, yaw, throttle and aileron but the flyer usually upgrades to six, eight or more channels after he gets into bigger plane.  The trendy design of the radio transmitter is greatly relied on 2.4 GHZ and there are less selection on 27MHZ or 72MHZ and the like.



7ch R617FSReceiver  is the radio unit that is equipped inside the model plane. Its function is to pick up the signal from the radio transmitter, it decodes and sends data command to each assigned channel. The way it operates is calculated in proportional to the input received. This system delicately measures the amount of throw on the transmitter joystick and sends the data to the receiver via radio frequency. Once the receiver gets all the data signal it responds to the servo movement in the same proportion to the input.



Engine starter  is the torque motor that temporary attaches to the spinner electric-starterduring engine start. This process rotates and assists the engine start up faster and more convenient than manually flipping the propeller. Ideally a larger size of the engine you have a more dependable on this device is needed relatively. However the starting of Gasoline engine is different and it seems to be practical on the manually flipping of propeller during the starting process. The Gasoline engine is equipped with electronic ignition system that gives precision combustion via the spark plug and it is very convenient to start the engine without this starter. 



Glow plug Starter  The dependable tool used to clip on the engine glow plug b0006-2tto generate the current which will be transformed into heat so as to initiate the starting session. When the engine starter rotates the fuel is sucking in and the ignition process begin with the heat that supplies on glow plug. There are many kind of glow plug starter available in the hobby store most of them are contained with rechargeable battery as the one seen in this picture. Some type of glow plug starter needs external battery supply, this type of plug starter is provided with the electric cable with alligator clips at the other end.  



Nitro Engine is a power unit for RC plane that uses nitro fuel to power the Enginessystem.  This fuel is usually mixed with castor oil which served as lubricated agent in order to keep the engine cool and less wear.  The nitro engine has several sizes to choose from depends on the thrust power you want to give to the model plane. There are two type of nitro engine available nowadays that are two- stroke and four- stroke.  The sound of four- stroke engine is more realistic to a real airplane engine than two- stroke engine but the cost of four- stroke engine is higher than two- stroke engine. The picture shown here is two-stoke engine mounted on the model plane.



Brushless Motor is a power unit, yet another choice for RC plane, which is cleanerEmax motor than the nitro engine both before and after the operation. The motor power is almost closed to the nitro engine today, and for some of its range can produce even higher power than the nitro engine. The only major draw back of this motor is the flying time which is always limited by the battery capacity where nitro engine with larger fuel tank can enjoy longer flight time. With the fast development of Lithium Polymer Battery the use of brushless motor is gaining more and more favorite among the RC flyer. It is already replacing some F3A RC plane and many 3D helicopters from traditional nitro engine to the newly developed brushless motor nowadays.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I am getting into this and had no clue of what each item represented except for the main parts such as engine and servos.

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