My most favorite RC plane of all time and the name SPITFIRE is right in all courses for its decent duty during World War II.  I my thought SPITFIRE is the Dragon in the fairy tale that “spit the fire” to destroy their enemy. This British Dragon was excellent for its maneuverability in the dog fight and was pilot friendly plane. It had an ordeal proof in the WW II as successful plane that gratefully saved UK from German invasion. The Blue Bird heard in the song “The White Cliffs of Dover”, from Vera Lynn is a beautiful verse of gratefulness to the Spitfire pilot that saved their people from the calamity of war.



Flying Spitfire is flying my imagination it gives a feeling of a beautiful War-bird and the glimpsed look of dog fight during the World War II.  Yes this might be exaggerated but those were stories of this War Plane I read from many sources including the movies – it is truly my favorite airplane.


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I have flown many Spitfire in the past, one with nitro engine span 1.40m propelled by OS62F. A smaller Spitfire I got has 0.25cu.in engine it flies fast with 1.0m wing span – please read the review on Spitfire OS25X Review.  And this time it is balsa Spitfire with 1.20m span with electric retracts, mounted with 35mm size electric motor running on four cells Li-Po battery.  I purchased this plane from HobbyKing HK. It was an ARF (almost ready to fly) kit, so I need my spare time to assembly it on my own.


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The covering are made from sticker instead of mono cote thus makes it one of the most beautiful Spitfire RC model airplanes I have seen, though the front overhang is a bit longer than the real plane. I believe the nose stretching design is meant to facilitate the CG balanced, however my Spitfire still needs 250gm to get a correct CG. The stocking retracts have been changed to electronic one just for more convenient, I admit that using servo to harness retracts is the most boredom of life.  Anyone who gets through this setting will know what I mean.



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After finish assembling it was a time for maiden flight.  What a surprise when it was first shown in the club the RC flyers kept asking me where I buy it from?  Today I see two more of this like come up in our flying zone. Everything was rechecked for more security reason, aileron direction, elevator direction, rudder direction, retracts in and out, variable power control with maximum speed check, and the CG. Every thing is confirmed so the last thing is me who want to fly this beauty.


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Like most RC flyer I am convinced and fully believed I can master this plane but the First Flight needs some trim on the control surfaces so as to get the plane in neutral level at moderate speed.  This plane flew great with no tendency of tip stall in low speed it glided well in any wind, fairly responsive to the control stick in a soft feeling. It is far away from aerobatic plane like Extra or Edge, this kind of plane is lovable for most flyers with less flight hour I believe.  The smooth flying comes from the good span of 1.23m and a nice air foil on the main wing. This size of plane becomes my preference as it is easy to spot in the air plus four cell Li-Po battery has more friendly price than the past years.


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Take off is not friendly though as it is the characteristic of the plane with tail steering wheel, next thing is the tendency to nose over during initial speed up for taking off.  Well the problem is the mainly from the design of retract bay that is a bit behind the CG so the nose heavy is meant to be in obsession and signature of this plane. However landing is not a problem since it glides well and easily flares down on the runway. These were many good tendencies I discovered on this plane after several flights and in term of flying this Spitty is nice and comfortable to fly with.  It gives you a stable flight level which is mainly due to an identical dihedral angle that helps aid in neutralize the flight level.  Don’t worry if you can fly low wing trainer you can surely fly this beautiful bird.  Just takes time to get acquaint with the ground taxi before determining to take off.


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Today this plane is still in good condition and I use to take it to exercise once in a while. Everyone loves this plane and it is always be center of attention in the flying club. I hope you have your own idea with this plane so please feel free to share your opinion in this post. I would like to give you a closer look at this Spitfire, the following video gives additional information and useful idea if you are interested in the one on this review.



For music lover folk if you like old song from the 1940 this one will bring you there.