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A6M ZERO FIGHTER from Hobby people EP model plane



The Mitsubishi A6M Zero-Sen was once a fortune maker for the Japanese empire. It was the invasion tools that symbolized the rising sun for four years long until the sun would finally set. A6M first appeared in the sky with full surprise to its enemies and was the symbol of Japanese air power that had a capability in many rolls including a carrier-based fighter. Over 10,000 Zero were produced during the ravaged of the WWII.


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A6M had a great ascendancy rate at that time, it had ability to reach 6,000 m in 7 minutes 27 seconds and it reached maximum speed of 331 mp/h (532 km/h). In the air Mitsubishi A6M was famous for its tight turning radius and its ability to outmaneuver the American fighter such as the F2A Buffalo, the P-40 and the F4F Wildcat. It was an extremely deadly weapon in a Pacific dogfight.


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Zero was fast and light but on the weak side its frame and fuselage had less armor and reinforcement thus leading to a low resistance to an armament from its enemy.  This was in contrast to Allied fighter such as P-40 and F4F which were extremely rugged and difficult to bring down against their less maneuverability.  Japanese navy launched a surprised attack on December 7, 1941 against US military installations at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. There were 353 aircraft deployed in the raid where A6Mes, Nakajima B5Ns and Aichi D3A took part in the mission.


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Overwhelming with its great record and responsible for destroying at least 1,550 US aircraft between 1941 and 1945 Japanese imperial never substantially developed or replaced any new type of War-bird that surpass A6M capability. The Zero remained the primary fighter throughout the war.  That was not good for the Japanese navy since the newly developed Allied fighter such as F6F and F4U were deployed in the Pacific mission. It was the sunset for Japanese imperial and for Zero as the kill ratio drastically dropped when those new allied fighter started the mission in the Pacific. Other crucial point was the lack of the trained and skillful pilots during the late of the WWII.


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The value of A6M was declined to its lowest point when the Kamikaze – the suicide attacks and bombing was desperately used in mass to counter the aggressive allied attack. Unfortunately the airplane that started the Pacific war was no longer able to fight it nor was the empire that conceived it.


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Hobby People Mitsubishi A6M Zero EP



This is a 1/12th scale flying model that has awesome look and is easy to fly. The kit comes with pre-installed mechanical retracts with gear doors, steerable tail wheel, scale exhaust positions, guns and painted canopy. The assembly is a pleasure of time for gluing and bolting on are what you need to get the job done. Generally speaking the big parts were done for you so that you can finish it in less time.


Specifications and Features:

  • Easy-access battery compartment
  • Custom 11 x 10 3-blade propeller with custom spinner and scale look
  • 3536 size 800kV brushless motor and 50-Amp ESC
  • Servos installed with control linkages
  • Wingspan: 39.75 inches (1010mm)
  • Length: 32.75 inches (832mm)
  • Wing Area: 265 square inches (17.10sq.dm)
  • Ready to fly weight (approximately): 32 ounces (905g)
  • Wing loading: 17.4 Oz/Sq Ft (53.0g/sq.dm)


Items Required, (Not Included)

  • 5-Channel transmitter or more with a receiver
  • 11.1V 1500 to 2200mAh 3-cell Li-Po battery


Test flight with this Zero


This is a good looking plane with a very good roll rate. If you can mix the ailerons and rudder while making roll it will be a nice slow-roll, an art of flying the War-bird scale plane. Calm down your throttle and the plane will glide well when heading to the wind. Wider turn with mixing between ailerons and small rudder input gives a real look of fighter airplane in the air. Flying this plane with full throttle it is a Wow moment and you will love the plane since it is stable and no bad tendency in both vertical and horizontal track. These are all appreciated pros I found but the con is here when landing.


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Do not attempt to land with low speed or by mean of carrying technique that is four busy sticks control like flying 3D or trainer plane. This zero will see to it as unacceptable inputs and will give you a stall at any hint – mostly nose stall. Therefore give it enough speed when descending to land with proper angle and do not forget to allow sufficient straight track when approaching the runway.


In my own opinion this plane is a piece of art whilst in the air and with a good response to the control you will love it. Flying it too slow down wind the nose will significantly drop. Its tight wing area was designed for agile and fast maneuver in order to get more advantage in the dog-fight as it was in a full scale airplane.


Overall rating it is definitely a good plane for money. This is fun to fly for the RC pilot who is at least medium skill or above but is not recommended for a newbie. If you like this plane and look for a place to buy one for your own please consider this store. 












2 thoughts on “A6M ZERO FIGHTER

  1. The Mitsubishi A6M “Zero” indeed was the valiant foe for the US in WWII. Maybe it would have caused much more havoc had Japan not lost so many of their excellent skilled pilots early in the war. (Midway, Coral Sea) These losses were due to more to carrier sinkings than aerial combat. Very Nice Historical Article!


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