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Install the electrical gadgets


Thank you for your following on this subject the next job for our project is to install all the electrical equipment on it. What we need are 2200Kv motor, 6×4”propeller, engine seating, 40A ESC-speed control, receiver, two 9g servo, and 2200mAh Li-Po battery.  On the transmitter the type of plane must be chosen as V-tail or Flying wing which may be called “Elevon”.  The mixing are on Channel 1 and Channel 6 – depends on which radio you are using, the mixing of channel 1 and 6 is required on Futaba transmitter.


Post M


The set up from the above explanation is good for the flying wing with no larger than one meter of wing span. If your flying wing is smaller or larger than the example the different setting must be changed according to the basis of weight and power ratio. You can also use the page “matching all electrical gadgets” from this website as a clue to find the right electrical system for your flying wing.


Install electrical equipment2



Once the setting is done you must determine a correct CG of your flying wing. In most case the CG of the flying wing is around 25% from the Mean Aerodynamic Chord. Please visit the page “Center of gravity” under the “RC Assistance” column where you can get more idea how to find the correct CG.  In the picture below AC means “average center” between root chord and tip chord. MAC means “mean aerodynamic chord” which can be attained form cross point in the drawing line as seen in the below picture.


CG flying wing


After marking the CG point on the wing you need to adjust the Battery position – moving forward or backward until the wing balance well on the CG point.  Hold the plane with your finger tips as seen in the picture, the correct CG is attained when the wing horizontally balances well on your finger tips.


Post S



TIPS : Flying wing is easy to fly but there are some threads you should know before making the maiden flight.  First upturn around 2-3 degree angle of the motor from normal wing incident – this is a good criterion to be prepared.  Second apply 1- 2 degree up on the elevons (control surfaces) on both sides from their center position.


Post P


The above picture depicts how the motor mount was bent up to correct the tendency to dive of the flying wing.


Post Q


This is also good for initial setting.  Always remember to do this on both side of the wing.


Post R


I understand that this article can not cover all the element the newbie can resort to. I always have that in mind but I do hope this information will be the inspiration for the RC lovers to start building their own wing and see it flies with proud.  Once you can make your own wing the other part of the plane can be done in the similar way. Fuselage, for example, can be made with the foam cutter but it needs to be separated into many pieces before assembling into one shape at the end.


It is a time to start flying your wing. All the tips are disclosed here for your success I hope you are doing well in the flight. Thank you for your reading if you have any question please leave it in the comment box and I will get back to give you the answer.



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  1. Dude that’s sick. one time I had a fling saucer but it was bought, and it was sick, went super high. But this looks amazing, i would take video and tuff if I had one!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

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