Das Ugly Stik

Das Ugly Stik

This German plane is second to none for its popularity among the RC flyer. Over fifty year of its legend Das Ugly Stik is one of the plane that most RC flyer should have heard and eye on. The outlook of the plane reveals the simplification of its built and structures, and with combination of the WWI round vertical tail plus notched trim aileron this historic plane is captivating and also very fun to fly.  It is called Das Ugly Stik for its artless look but in reality many RC flyers love it and want to have one in their own collection.


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There are some local built RC planes in my country that make Das Ugly Stik. This stick is made from balsa and comes with the choice of electric motor or nitro engine. The wing span can be chosen form 1.0 meter, 1.25 meter to 1.3 meter to accommodate the engine range from 0.15 cu in, 0.25 cu in and 0.46 cu in two-stroke nitro engine. Many RC flyers buy both type of plane because in some occasion they want to fly the RC plane in a non air strip area such as local road located in the living community. Flying the RC plane in such case is important for the flyer to keep low disturbing noise to comply with community laws therefore electrical power engine is compulsory for this case.


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How is its flying characteristic?

Coming to the behavior of the Das Ugly Stik it is a pleasure to say that this plane is flying crisp than a high-wing plane but easy to control than a low-wing plane furthermore it can do many aerobatic maneuvers including stunt flying. The secret perhaps lies on its shoulder-wing design. The shoulder-wing plane conceals many tricks that the most aerobatic plane adopts it to their design. Edge, Katana, Yak55, and some version of Extra are all aerobatic shoulder-wing type of plane.  No wonder shoulder-wing plane is marvel for this reason.  


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Can you fly this Stik?

For the RC flyer Das Ugly Stik is an ideal plane for intermediate to experienced flyer.  For those who are convenient and confident with high-wing trainer the Das Ugly Stik is welcoming you to the next step of flying in style. Being wobbled at first trial during the transition is common but once you can master this Stick you will definitely love it – I am so confident about this. This plane is good for slow as well as a fast flying, doing loop and roll , stall turn, lazy eight and other maneuvers are at your preference, it responds well but you need some practice.


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It is not a bad idea to build one if you were borne to be a builder but if you are flying enthusiast with no gift builder like me buying one is generally good idea. Choosing PNP foam or balsa is not big deal but I found that the PNP foam plan is more popularity and more acceptable in the market nowadays. The pro is giving to its easy to fix and maintenance but the con is its less stability in flight in comparison to balsa plane. Choose between two with your convenient and of course yours confidence. If you are an experienced flyer the balsa plane is truly a gem. Concerning the color the red scheme seems to mandate the look however some RC flyers opt to yellow or black to keep it differs from others. The other reason is to easily identify your plane when flying with other Stick in your club.



I think Das Ugly Stik is flying in many corner of the world. May be the German designed plane has awesome look but it becomes a fantastic plane that never fade away from the RC enthusiast.  Please feel free to share your idea if you want preferably your Das Ugly Stik.


Recommended Stik





This balsa Stik is running on 0.46cu in engine and it is from Great Planes which is famous for the quality. Most RC flyer who have flied this plane all appreciate its performance so if you are one of the nitro lover and are looking for the sport plane or the like this Stik will not fail you.




Have a happy flying.



8 thoughts on “Das Ugly Stik

  1. Wow…so much good information here. My late step father was a RC plane enthusiast. He would have loved your site. Thanks for your contribution!

  2. Wow. This machine looks awesome! I LOVE WW1 aircraft, particularly German design… would this be a good one as a first plane for someone with no experience?

  3. Wowzers! That looks like an impressive radio controlled model plane. My father used to regularly collect them and fly them over the weekends. I’m not sure if he ever had the German Das Ugly Stik but it looks quite fun to fly! It’s even fun to pronounce with an accent lol thanks for the review, i’ll recommend this website to my father

  4. These are actually the coolest thing ever I so want one. I can almost feel my inner child calling me to get one of these.

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