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I am one of a RC flyer who appreciates Electric RC planes.  Actually I have many nitro planes in my hangar and it used to be my favorite kind of plane for long time. Every weekend I drove a car with a good distance to get to the airfield where many folk with the same interest were gathering around.  As RC plane enthusiast we were there to have enjoyable flight and chatted all day long, it was really an ideal place to spend the time together.  Really did not know why the chat we had concerning the RC   hobby would never end or finish.


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A power unit that is clean, noise friendly, and is yet powerful enough to replace most nitro or gas engine.


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The reason I start to love Electric RC Planes.

I was in this hobby over 15 year which is long enough to witness that the electric RC planes and their gadgets have very fast improvement in both their performance and prices.  Today most electrical gadgets are much cheaper than it used to.  For instance the Li-Po battery was normally two or three times the price of what we purchase today.  The performance is also magnificently improved, as the discharge rate (C) of the battery is much higher than what I bought many years ago but the price keeps lowing down. With all the electrical performance, including the motor, continue to improve the Electric RC plane we have today has the power that equivalent to a good range of nitro engine.


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In the sky the electric RC plane can overtake the nitro engine plane with the same size of model – depends on the set up of the electric system. The new chapter is gradually shape up since the big range of motor is now reaching or equivalent to 1.20cu.Inch or more on the nitro engine. Flying a normal 0.46 size of plane with 1.40M wing span is not a problem at all since so many manufactures are now offering a good range of electric RC plane within these sizes – balsa or PNP foam at your choice.  Many RC plane manufacturers are now making the plane with two options in one kit which means you can decide to have either nitro engine or motor mount on the same model.  This is clearly seen how electric RC planes are very popular today.


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There are plenty of choices available, Trainer, Scale war-bird, Aerobatic, and ducted fan jet you can just pick the one that is right for you.  From which I mentioned here the ducted fan jet RC plane are very demanded in the market. It looks awesome and scale from head to tail and is becoming bigger and bigger in size today.  It is powered by electrical ducted fan system and when it powers up the sound of the air that pass through the rear pipe is really snapped.


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To keep it fly well the weight of the ducted fan jet must be kept as low as possible so the material that is most used are molded foams. However with the a high-end ducted fan system that can reach 5 kilos of thrust or more the body of the plane used to be made with some composite material. The electrical system will be more expensive to acquire but the trend is not bad since it is far cheaper than buying real jet turbine engine for the same size of plane.


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This issue seems to be pretty much concentrates on ducted fan jet whereas many electric propeller plane are still available to choose from.  The reason is with the replacement of the electric motor on the engine mount you can feel the power that is clean and lesser noise than that of nitro engine.  The only reason left here is only what passion of flying RC plane you are about. If yours ideal RC plane must have a roaring sound of the real engine and the fuel smell is your addiction then Electric RC planes is not at all your preference choice – still being second loved one however.


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But the market has been proved with remarkable demand which can be assumed that. First, the electric RC plane is a good choice for beginner which corresponds to the initial investment. Second, the electric RC plane is good for someone like me who get bored of dirty fume emitted from nitro engine and the preparation time needs to add fuel, to start up the engine, and to clean the whole plane after the day of flying. Third, the electric RC plane has ducted fan jet that adds good fun for many RC flyers who want to get into jet engine with budget price.



What do you think of Electric RC planes? I am addicted to this type of plane and it seems to be increasing in the number of my collection so far.  However nitro plane is still a real treat for me to get it fly once in a while particularly when the engines need some exercise after being kept for sometime -just to keep it fresh.  Either electric or nitro planes I believe that nearly all of nitro engine flyer must have owned at least one electric RC plane –who can resist that?



I love this guy it is a pleasure to see his plane as well as his flying skill. Totally and art of flying in my thought and is rarely found in my area the style of flying which normally performed on 3D plane. I have no doubt on the maneuver done on this Mig29 ducted fan this guy is a skillful flyer for 3D and aerobatic RC plane.  If you already are 3D flyer would this video make you a dream to catch on ducted fan jet and throw those raw performances just yet?


This ME262 is so amazing real when flying in the air as well as the screaming sound of its duct fan unit.


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I hope the duct fan jet will be even more powerful in the  future and this is highly possible since many manufacturers are now making a new design on fan blades, a more powerful motor and more things to come. If you have any question or opinion please kindly give it to our comment section provided.




6 thoughts on “Electric RC planes

  1. Hey Tinnakon
    What an awesome hobby that looks like so much fun. When I was a kid we had cox engines I believe they ran on alcohol but we never got them to run even once. Anyway how big are these planes in inches (no metric please), they look pretty big. I know it depends on what plane you get but how much is the average cost. I watched the video you can tell he has been doing this for a while. Unique article, good job.

    • Hi Randy thanks for watching. That MIG 29 should be around 45 inch, its flying weight is around 2700 g , it has two 90 mm electric duct fans. This plane costs around 150 $US. When I was young I bought a wired-control plane which had cox .049 cu as a power unit. It was so much fun even though the plan could only circulated around myself with pretty much of dizziness at early practice. Nowadays the RC plane is so reachable in price and with an efficient Flight Simulator it really produces many successful RC flyers coming to this hobby so far.

  2. My son is turning 10 this August and he has had an interest in these types of planes for about 2 years now. I’m still against getting him one because I feel he will destroy it within a matter a days!
    How durable are these planes and what would be your recommendation on getting one?

  3. This is undeniably one of the coolest hobbies that you can engage in, but what’s even better is that it also has the collector/antique factor where certain planes can be worth a smalle fortune. Tinnakon, you should start-up a page on the “old school” models that are some of the most highly-prized among collectors.

    • Thank for the idea which is quite interesting. Do you have any idea where I can find the place they use to sell such plane?

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