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Get a day fill with hot idea and go fun fly.


Hi everyone if you are new to this type of flying I would like to thank you for your visiting but if any of you have been flying this kind of freaky thing before please share your funny moment with us in the comment box I will be very much appreciated your kind interest.




Now think about anything on earth that you wish to fly and build it right away with your passion and this is why we name it Fun Fly. This extraordinary area of flying mostly carries out by experienced flyer who wants to make fun with his hobby using the skill and knowledge to scratch out the design and make them fly. What I have seen so far are flying windsurf board, flying boat, flying school bus, flying lawn mover, flying Iron man – just to name a few.




Please be informed that these objects are flying hard. I surely did it before and discovered that it was not easy to fly it in the way you wish. The wing area and other control surfaces are tight, the rudder, aileron and elevator are so limit to keep the looks of scale on the project. The Fun fly object mostly needs several adjustments to its design before it gets to successful flight.





Many RC flyers might love to imagine in a funny way that things around the corner could be flied,  this idea is absolutely added in the fascination to the RC hobby. Fun fly usually attracts many viewers to the scene in most places. Think of the Fun fly day where the sky is full of unexpected flying objects with their funny maneuver. Let’s think about the yellow cab that is running on the road and suddenly takes off into the sky and flies like a plane – get the idea yet.




It is great to see more and more idea can fly.  Yet the RC hobby is getting more and more innovation coming in. To this like there is a cool invention of a quad copter and drone that is fitted with fun stuff such as an cartoon character. This brings in other novel of fun flying object that can even hover like a helicopter. I would love to bring you more idea of this like when the time allows. Please feel free to share your idea and give us a comment on the Fun fly project.




Credit appreciation for the inventor:

Mr.Mathee Somboonprasit  the inventor and builder of flying buffalo, flying Tuk Tuk and more.


Flying Buffalo



 Flying mini metro Taxi (Tuk Tuk)


These are what I can think of for now. It is too heavy to cover all aspect of this stylish flying.  I hope this story can give you a glimpse of idea for our folk who loves to get into this hobby in more aspect of flying. What do you think if I want to name this as a “Flying imagination”.


16 thoughts on “Fun Fly

  1. omg can I have one that looks like a firebolt in harry potter? really cool and fun article! I have a drone myself but it doesn’t look as fun as the above ones!!!

  2. Wow, I heard about RC planes but I never thought that they can be customized into such figures. I was just wondering if there are there some competitions for this?

    • Hi Glen if I can show the whole idea that is possible to fly it will be amazing for you. I hope you enjoy the invention and come back again. Thanks for your visit.

  3. Haha! I’ve not seen RC planes like these before but they look like a lot of fun! I love the vids. Thank you.

  4. Haha, that’s so great! I never thought of making a radio controlled aircraft look like an animal. That flying buffallo is great, it looks really funny from the side. If I saw that flying past my window I think I would fall off my chair!

  5. Nice site I was always interested in RC planes and the ingenuity of the builders of these great planes in 2010 I say the 1:4 scale f16 jet fighter from the dutch aerobatics team made flight for the first time view here the video of this maiden flight

    Keep up the great work.

    Gr Pascal.

    • Great jet Pascal thanks for sharing. I will be afraid to fly jet plane cause it cost a huge money to own one. Secondly it needs really safe place to fly since in an accident it will cause heavy damage. Thanks also for your interest.

  6. Hi Tinnakon, These look really fun and no wonder they attract crowds wherever people are flying them. I never realised such fun flying objects existed. Really like the flying lawn mower!!

  7. What a great way to incorporate your Fun Fly ideas into the RC plane.
    I know theres a big group all over that love their RC Planes and I can imagine another group for Fun Fly catching on quickly.

    That would be to funny to see a cow fly. Now I’m going to be looking at everything around me and think about flying it. Sounds like fun to me.

    Thanks for the info on your post as it’s defiantly a group I want to look into and also gave me some good ideas for my sons birthday we could have a blast.

    I like Flying Imagination it’s got a good ring to it and its very fitting as well.


  8. Thanks a lot Markus for your comment here. In fact the people who flies funny stuff is actually the same people who do RC Flying. They just want to have another day of laughing and entertaining inside their club.

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