How to fly RC plane

How to fly RC plane


Many people who are interested in RC plane are always curious or wondering how to get start the RC plane hobby in an efficient way. I have the answer for you just follow the step-by-step information from this article. In general the RC plane lover always seeks for the aviation news and love to bring up a discussion within the group with the same interest. Whether or not you are a pilot the best place to explore this hobby is the flying club,  it is the place where you can start the hobby and get help from the experienced flyer.


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These are the subjects that will cover the question of how to RC plane.

  • Study the information concerning the RC plane.
  • Practice the flying skill with assistant tools.
  • Join the club or group of people within the same interest. Once you start to fly real RC plane you really need these folks.



Knowing the theory of the plane is essential since the RC plane has all control functions the real plane uses. Do you know which control surfaces respond to the movement of the airplane in the air? There is more information in this website under the Beginner link.  However I would like to give you the basic information that will be helpful for your learning here.



From which I said above the control surfaces are the key part of the airplane that move the plane to the desired direction.  In the Radio control plane the movement on each control stick will result in the plane maneuver which can be classified as:


Knowing the control surfaces



The roll control makes the plane roll to the left or right side: Ailerons which located on both sides of the main wing are taking care of this function. Sometime roll is called bank depends on how it is used. The roll is very important maneuver when it is mixed with the elevator it makes smooth turn to the airplane similar to Rudder but looks different in radius. It is hard to explain here but you will get the idea once you have experience with the flight simulator. So a good turn is the coordination among Aileron, Elevator and Rudder. The location of the roll control is on the right stick of your radio transmitter and the movement is working on both left and right direction.

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The pitch control makes up and down maneuver:  Elevator is responsible for this control. The location of the pitch control is on the right hand stick of your radio transmitter. The movement control is engaged on the up and down direction of this control stick.

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The throttle control is the one most important factor of the flying which must be used along the course of flying. As the plane take off and climb the airplane speed will always be pushed to the max to counter the earth gravity but once the plane descend for landing the throttle control will be gradually eased off.  Unlike other control on the radio transmitter the throttle control begins on the lowest point of control stick. This is set as zero speed for electric power RC plane but it will be the idle speed for nitro or gas engine. The movement control is naturally responded as the stick is pushed up the speed will be increased and vise versa for the opposite movement.

Air speed is obtained by the airplane engine: Sometime air speed can be gained by descending the plane or flying windward but the main interest here is the controllable air speed which can be gained through the engine.

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The yaw control makes left and right turn: A control surface called Rudder does this function, as the RC plane this control is on Channel four which located on your left hand stick. Moving stick to the left or right position the plane will yaw to the left or right direction accordingly.

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In conclusion of what we have learned so far the controls are the coordination of all stick concerned. One note for a newbie is when the plane is heading direct toward us, sometime called nose-in, the control of Yaw and Aileron will be in opposite direction and this a troublesome for many who want to fly RC plane.  Therefore the practicing is a must for every flyer who wants to get into RC this hobby.


Flight Simulator for RC plane


That is why my second topic of this article is “Practice the flying skill with tools”.  You don’ t have to sacrifice a money for real trainer plane like it was a decade ago, today there are so many RC flight simulator available and it is so good as if you are flying real RC plane. Please acquire one that fit your budget, mine is Reflex model flight simulator which is the most favorite among others I have tried.


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At first you do not have to be much serious about the make of this Flight simulator, what you really need is the right control of each maneuver and how to master it. When you get training on the flight simulator just fly the plane according to your understanding. It takes time to get yourself feel automatically responded to the control stick just like when you start learning how to ride the bike. However you will find the crash is unavoidable and can happen throughout the training course.  Sooner or later the number of crash must be minimum, thus the clean and safe flight must be your ideal target.



The basic skills you need to have at first are Taxi, take off, flying in rectangular circuit while keeping same altitude throughout the flight, and landing. The circuit mentioned above must always be in front of you and do not fly the RC plane behind or around yourself, and avoid flying over your head.

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There is no fixed time to say how long you have to be with the flight simulator as, for your understanding, I always resort to it even after 15 year of my RC flight.  The indicator should basically be your self confident plus the skill you have from the flight simulator with good record of clean flight without crash for a certain period of time.



Remember that flying the real RC plane for a very first time can make you nervous even though you are keen with the flight simulator.  So if you can have experienced flyer being your assistance it will be the best of day for your first flight.  There is the tool called “Training cable or buddy cable” that can be used when experienced flyer assist your flight training providing that both radio transmitters must be the same make. The flight trainer is always available in most flying club and the training with flight simulator is a good preparation that will give your successful learning real fast.


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Join the flying club



Now that you are engaged in this hobby it is fully recommended that you join the near by flying club. This is most important in all aspects, just to mention a few you could fly at a safer area, you will benefit from the help of many experienced flyer and you can get more idea or suggestion of the RC stores that have good bargain on RC product.

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Spend the day with the same enthusiasts is far more pleasure than flying alone without help. In my country there is hundred of flying club that formed by their own interest but there are not many clubs that provide good amenity and nice asphalt runway for the member. There is a fee incurred to fly in the club but it is still a good treat as we enjoy our flying with good environment and facilities.



Some precaution for you



I create the topic of how to fly RC plane for everyone who is interested in the flying hobby to get a broad view of this outdoor recreation.  Last but not least I would like to mention one more thing about legit of flying which may be available in some country.  According to the rules and regulation which vary in each country we must comply with or follow up. Just ask the RC folk in the area or municipal officer about the law that might be applied. In some country like Germany the RC flyer must fly at the licensed club and must get their third party insurance ready before attempting to fly their RC plane so make sure our hobby does not violate the community law.




















8 thoughts on “How to fly RC plane

  1. Awesome stuff – love visiting this site ( and my son loves it to!!!! ). The small experience I’ve had with these sort of planes has told me that they are extremely difficult to control – couldn’t say I really enjoyed it as I was so panicked about crashing it!
    Great article that explains everything I needed to know 🙂

  2. Great info here on learning to fly RC Planes! I actually work at a facility where, once a year, they come in and have an aerial race with RC Planes. It looks easy, but I’m sure it’s not! Great layout here though and a super informative site! Excellent suggestion about the buddy cable as well! How do these work? Does the 2nd flyer just take over controls when needed?

    • Hello Paul nice to talk to you. The buddy cable is the system which consists of of two radio transmitters the first one acts as a master (or teacher) who can decide whether to control by himself or switching to the follower. In an urgent case the master can take over control as you said.

  3. Thanks for the comment I really appreciate your story. My suggestion is come back home and play with flight simulator as I mentioned in the website. You can be an expert in no matter of time since there are so many plane to choose inside the program. Some plane are really difficult to control but if you can master it I would believe that you can fly real RC trainer plane with ease. Please restart again and you will enjoy flying RC plane.

  4. Hello!

    I stumbled upon your site and I’m a big fan of all things RC since I was a kid. I’ve always wanted to have an RC plane, but I never knew a plane could be that big. I think it’s cool that you have a site that promotes this hobby because it’s a fun hobby. I might want to pick up one of cool looking fighter jets that’s on here. Great website!

    • Wow this is cool hobby like you said and I am so crazy with this for nearly 15 years. What is even more fantastic is you mingle with the people with the same interest so you will get friend and fly the dream plane you want. Thanks for the comment I hope my website will bring more of your interest every now and then.

  5. Wow, very comprehensive guide on how to fly rc planes. I have always wanted to learn how to do it but have always been too afraid to try and crash it as soon as I buy it. Not exactly the cheapest things out there. I really like the idea of the simulators that you can use.
    Thanks for the great write up. I will be back again soon.

    • Hi Marc thanks for the visit and your determination to use the SIM is the best good start. Numerous student that I thought them to fly could handle real RC plane nicely in the first trial. The SIM always the best tool for learning howto fly in both real plane and RC plane.

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