Matching all electrical gadgets



Matching electrical gadgets in your rc plane

Here you are at the core of system that powers your plane to fly.  Most stocking rc plane kit, sometime called RTF which means Ready to Fly, gives you the bundle of things you need to fly.  This is fairly acceptable to be used as your trainer and you can go on with it for sometimes. But once you are getting more skill you will more prefer to buy ATF kit – Almost Ready to Fly.  It is the kit that provides all plane part without power and electrical system. So here you can freely mix every electrical gadget into one good system.


There are four key modules that need good matching in association with its own function.  For instance, battery gives power to energize the system but if the motor is overloaded with over sized prop it will draw excessive current from battery. This will therefore gradually deteriorate the batter life.  Since there are four devices associated in the setting, it will be more understandable to explain each scenario using the table below.


Electrical table


Those are the probable cases that will likely happen when over sized propeller is used on the plane. To understand what is the ESC with normal Amp rated, or High performance motor, or Battery with normal C rated  I will give you an easy key to have the whole answer in one place. Here I would like to use one of the Motor specifications as a reference. 


Choosing propeller


Let me start the case now. Perhaps you are going to buy the Motor C which model serial is GT2826/04, and to use 4S battery ( four cell Li-Po battery) to achieve  3100g of thrust to power you plane. Then the good propeller size will be 10×5, but if you use 11×5.5 prop size it will be justified as oversize prop. In the same case if you use ESC of over 47A, for instance 60A,this will be considered a High Amp rated ESC. This will be good for system but it is too costly for this case.


The example provided here are only a broad idea of how these electrical gadget can be combined correctly. If this is understood it can be used as a guide line to other similar case with ease. I hope you get the idea, and if you have any questions or want to make a comment please feel free to give it to me.



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