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Hyperion flying machine BF109E on Sale. Wonderful plane or Nightmare?


The plane specifications:

Wing span:  1,204.5mm

Length:  1,024mm

Wing Area: 23.7 dm2

Flying Weight: 1.5 – 1.7 Kg


I was stumbled on the website based in Japan that offered the range of rc planes for sale, and one of them was Hyperion BF109E electric version – it was almost 40 percent off from price tag. I personally appreciate this warbirds for long time for its awesome look and the great performance as seen in many WWII movies. Without any delay I purchased it right away from this website, and also relayed this message to the friend around our club. No surprise the other three 109 were ordered accordingly in less than a day.



BF109 on webpage

 After I received this plane I found the great detail in there. Its fuselage is made of fiberglass which extends through the whole body without cowling, that looks really nice but the motor installation is a nightmare. The balsa wings are well covered with very good sticker that preprinted with army camouflage. Such a value for money for good quality rc planes for sale.



HP-MEBF109-25_003The aluminum landing gears and robust strut outclasses other ARF plane in the same size – I do not adulate this for any sales reason. Adding to this there are some parts of the plane accessories such as one big drop tank and two air scoop under each wing that greatly add the authentic look to the plane.  But I got a prognosis in here. I will tell you why.



I did not follow the factory recommendation for electrical criterion.  I love to see it flying fast in the air so I end up with 4 cell Li-Po battery on 60 Amp ESC + separated UBEC. The motor is EMAX GT2826 1090KV engaged with 10×5 APC prop, this gives a tremendous thrust of 3,100g against the gross flying weight of 1,800g. Then it is ready to fly.


After a few trimming on the maiden flight I shoot a vivid vertical climb for over ten seconds which is pretty much a jaw dropping moment to all spectators in the arena. The reason this 109 is flying fast is owing to its low profile and limited wing area. But on the contrary, flying it slow and make tight turn may cause tip stall and enter the spin.



HP-MEBF109-25This is not less to say since I have witnessed two mishaps of this plane on two occasions, one during the maiden flight, and another one when the pilot wanted to make turn with less than half throttle stick and trying to keep level flight.  In both cases the plane rolled on one side, entering tip stall and starts a spiral dive.  The first one crash on first flight but the second one crashed after a couple of flight, both of them entered tip stall and dived.

How come these two planes gone wrong on the skillful pilots?   I think this may be the reason why it was on sales with almost half the price. So I search Youtube video to find the flight of this like and, to my surprise, I found two videos that depicted the crash which resembled to our scenario.




And one more video to assert my story here.





The third pilot who owns one of this 109E is so scared after witness the two tragic flights from his colleagues, and finally made up his mind to hang it as a static model.  The first two planes that were clashed had been fixed and flied again but the luck was not on their side, both of 109E clashed again in the same manner.  So we abolished the plan to establish BF109E squadron.



BF109 own1So the only one who fly this plane is me. I flew this BF109E so many flight and still love to see it in the air. It has awesome look in the sky and a loud whiz sound when diving with high speed low pass. This model has very impressive look in the air and with nice engine sound it is surely be an eye catching rc plane on any occasion.

I believe I save all the flights because I have made some modifications as following:

1)  I do not install two air scoop under the wings and do not fit in the spare tank to the undercarriage. The reason is this plane has very tight wing area in comparison to the gross weight which means the wing loading ratio is high, and this will need more speed to fly otherwise it stalls – particularly during the turns.

2)  I make the heavy nose CG than normal CG recommended so as to shift from tip stall to nose stall just in an unpredictable case.  I accept nose stall as it is easy to control the plane. So I fly this plane with slightly nose heavy and it turns out to be good.


BF109E post

This BF109E is one of my favorite plane, an ACE in our Seacon Flying Club


I love to fly this plane with a bit nose heavy and regularly kicks it into many maneuvers without problem.  I always climb up before making slight yaw so that the plane is gradually nose dived during the turn, thus there are no sign of tip stall to the way I fly this plane.   So I would like to give my comment here for someone who may look for this plane and I hope that you thoroughly read this post to be aware of its unfavorable behavior.


Post A


If you have an experience with 3D plane it will be a plus because you are smarter to read stall than others who don’t.  If you like to fly fast plane and your skill is at least intermediate level, says you have tamed many warbirds before, and you believe you can fly any plane without worrying of things to be happened. So you are more than enough to master this plane and, after a few flight this BF109E will become your favorite plane.


Post CPost D



To this point it is very skeptical to justify if this plane is a nightmare or a wonderful warbirds?





We need your comment here if it worth buying or not but I just discover that the sale is over. In this case you may need to contact Hyperion manufacturer in HongKong directly.


12 thoughts on “BF109E Review

  1. The reaction of the model is not unexpected. The original was as a warbird and these kind of planes have to be fast – and so they were designed. The model has power enough and, as K. Tinnakon wrote, makes no problems with enough speed. I guess a great RC model for pilots with skills. But good to know the reaction. Thanks for the great article.

    • I have seen one official review of the BF109E -the real plane I meant- that it truly has much more efficient than its renown competitor. Sad to say that there are only a few pilot with enough gut to push the limit of this plane.

  2. BF109E (Me109E) was the most renowned Fighter of the Luftwaffe in WW2.
    It was the plane that Hans-Joachim Marseille flew to his glory with 158 kills(17 in one day) in the North Africa theatre. Earning him the highest German war decoration -the Diamonds to his Knight’s Cross- became one of his country’s eternal heroes. HORRIDO!

    • This was the plane that owned such amazing record. It was the brilliant plane in that era not on the horrible side but on the courage of a pilot who flied it into the foes and died for his beloved country. There is no winner in the war, both side lose friends, family, and relatives. Claiming winner did not pay off the uncountable loses of those who were dead and disable.

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