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Mini B-17G Bomber with 745mm Wing Span


A service plane that was designated to make routine bombing and being one of the iconic aircraft in WWII.  B-17G Bomber was used by the US Army Air Corp for strategic bombing of targets in Europe. It could fly higher than any other Allied bomber at that time, and it was contributed to heavy bombing than many other Allied bombers.  One of the famous B-17G is Memphis Belle, it survived the war into the glory throughout many risky missions in the Second World War.  B-17G bomber is notable for its tough construction and can fly even after being severely damaged. They were documented as returning from the missions with big part of the tail ripped off, engine burnt out and cutting holes in the fuselage.


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This mini B-17G is molded entirely of EPO foam which makes it tough and durable plane that can withstand crashes.  From the outlook of this plane it may be misunderstood that it is merely a static display model.  It is well made with the finish of smooth surface and much more realistic looking than any EPS foam can offer.  More good news this mini B-17G integrates a DSM2 receiver that features auto flight stabilization. On simple setting of 4 channel transmitter the flight stabilization is always ON for you. When using 5 channel there is an option for you to choose from turning on or off the flight stabilizer. Don’t worry about this there is a flight test covered by me after this plane was maiden.


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The landing gear can be fitted as your preference. You can remove them and make a hand launch to fly with real looking of the B-17G. For those who love to take off and landing on the air strip the plug-in landing gear is very convenient to mount on. Battery can be accessed via the nose dome and is quick and easy to service.  The overall design seems to be well organized with the consideration of all threats that were snagged in the past. Please note that our group love to buy ARF plane and to reprehend all aspects of the plane we assemble on our own. So far so good the negative reviews have not yet heard.


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They gave me a duty to make flight test for this B-17G while Peter, the owner of this plan, was waiting to see how the plane behave.  After a moderate taxi I gradually threw the throttle to the max and shoved this little Flying B-17G up in the sky. It was a real treat to fly this bomber there were very small trim needed and I just felt like making a relax flight. The flight stabilization did all it functions to counter act the wind, roll, and yaw which meant that when you left the hand from the control stick the plane neutralized itself as if there were auto pilot.


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On a fair wind the plane responded well without showing any wobble tendencies. Since there was no cut off switch for flight stabilization therefore I could not figure out how different it could be to fly this plane without this feature. During the flight I made a horizontal eight figure so as to feel the different between right turn and left turn, however there are no significant threat in both cases. In a low speed pass the plane glided nicely and looks awesome – that was really lovely for this size of plane. The landing was smooth as silk I believe that the flight stabilizer tried to keep the plane descended in a proper angle all the way down to the runway.



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On the ground handling turning left or right is ease of control through the engine cut off on one side of the wing thus making this plane a smooth turn. This is a sweet little B-17G that most RC flyer wants to possess. After the maiden flight the plane was handed to many friends in the club to play with and it did not fail in any hands. Peter, as the first one who bought this plane, has his homework right after that.  Two more B-17G was on his to-order- list for those infatuated by this charming little bomber. Well we have found another plane with good built and worth owning so if you love B-17G don’t hesitate to buy one this is a tame sweet little bomber for you.


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Special Offer :


For RC plane enthusiast who love B-17 Bomber there is an e-flite U5380 Umx B-17g Flying FoRTRess available for you. This mini bomber cost around129.99$US including shipping in the USA. Please click the picture below for more information.


   Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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A very nice flying miniature scale model. It is bind and fly, you need to provide your own Spektrum compatible 4+ channel transmitter. I get about 4-5 minutes on the included 250mAH battery (that also fits the UMX Mosquito. Out of the box the elevator was trimmed too far up and needed a tweak, the ailerons and rudder needed very little trim in the air. It flies pretty slow and draws a crowd. The actual model looks much better than the picture on the box too (unusual). It comes with options for running with gear up or down, since it flies slow I have gone for the gear down mode which keeps the props off the ground on landing. Horizon screwed up the packaging a little, they missed molding cavities in the box to store the plane with the wheels on, but it was not difficult to cut holes in the Styrofoam for clearance. All in all it is a nice compliment to the other E-Flight micro series airplanes.

9 thoughts on “Mini B-17G Bomber

  1. Wow, I like the military look and colour of this plane!
    The flight stabilisation feature sounds great.
    Is this plane suitable for beginner?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Not for the beginner but you will love its feature once you are ready for it. Means when you can take off and land you beginner plane with safe and confident . Thanks for visiting the website.

  2. This is a thorough review on describing all the features of the bomber plane. That’s cool to see real military planes in mini versions.

    • Hi Steve nice to see you again. So the next review will be JU87 Stuka the dive-bomber that you ask for.
      If you have a passion with this plane you should fly it and get fun out of it. The recommendation will be put in the review please however I don’t know that you have flown some RC plane before? If not you must get first the RC flight simulator where I believe it should include JU87 as one selection among other planes. Have good fun and let me know how can I help you.

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