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P51D Mustang ARF kit from The World Models

Who would not love this electric rc airplanes? This is the warbirds that outrun most Luftwaffe’s deadliest flying machine, and is so-called “Cadillac of the sky”. Probably it is the first choice among American fighter pilot in that era. The Mustang with its military name “P51-D” descended from the “P51-B” that has notorious proof of its great capability in the aerial dogfight.  To many scale lover this is one of a must be in his collection.


Thanks to the fast development of electronic equipment, the brushless motor and the battery is reaching much greater performance but the price is even cheaper. I own one of this electric rc airplanes as shown in the above picture, it is from The World Model factory, and I had flown it a lot during the past year, so it is my pleasure to share the pros and cons of this plane from my own experience.




The outlook of this plane is actually Semi-Scale which is designed to improve its flying characteristic so that the intermediate flyer can enjoy flying this plane with ease, this is good marketing in term of product positioning. However the trade off between aesthetic and good handling wins my decision at first glance.  I built this ARF model in moderate time with fair instructions provided but I opt to choose my own electric system using gross weight and the type of my flying habit as a clue.


The take off is nice and it is docile to keep straight track through out the runway, though there is some left torque from the motor it is still easy to get off the ground. Its capability in the sky is above average for this type of warbirds, and that is more than enough to get the fun out of the model within five minutes. I did simple maneuvers and it responds well to the stick with good feeling, moreover it is a good glider to all folk with no worry of bad stall. This is surely a desirable behavior since it had saved my emergency landing from a few unfortunate failure of the electrical system.


It is good that I do not crash this plane after a long service hour so as to make this review and to witness that the covering is not as tough as it said. Some part of such cover particularly at front edge of the wing rip off and flutter after flying for sometime, so you need some glue to keep it back in place. What make me disappoint is the quality of what they call LighTex covering which is so poor for it is too thin and easily wrinkled. The good side of this model is the wooden construction which is strong and mate in well to all connection part.



Wing Span             49 in / 1250 mm

Wing Area               434 sq in / 28 Sq dm

Flying Weight       3.6 lb / 1650 g

Fuselage Length    43 in / 1090 mm

Radio Required    5 channel  with 5 mini servos

Motor (mine)        Motrolfly DM2518  1100 kV  with  12×6 size propeller

ESC (mine)              70 Amp

Battery (mine)      Li-Po 3 cells  2200 mAh  60C


The evaluation for this rc airplane kits is here:


Price :  5 Stars I bought this one for 137 $ US excludes all electrical gadgets.

Ease of build : 4 Stars 

Quality of material used on the model : 3 Stars

Aesthetic look : 4 Stars        

Performance and handling in the air : 4 Stars 

Gliding characteristic : 5 Stars  


Any comment to the above review is welcome.



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  1. Hello. I’m loving your website and this article on the Mustang P51D, a real classic of the era, is great! Keep up the good work!

  2. Great review and this really makes me want to take this up. I have been more in to the Flight Simulators such as FSX, and love the world of aviation.

    Thanks for this information, I love it.


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