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Drone is an innovation of airplane but I never want to make a review since it has no passion in me. However the RC lover seems to be overwhelmed with this thing since it was flying more and more every day.   In the flying club many member enjoy RC Drone in their spare time as it needs small space to get fun for both indoor and outdoor.  As a RC plane enthusiast I never fell for RC Drone in any extent but lately my curiosity went up high and I think this might me the time to proof if it could rock my crazy button or not.


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I did not have any choice or any preference in mind so I just follow the friend around here since I believe it will be more convenient to get more help in case I have any problem. So I came up with SymaX5SC which is medium cheap RC Drone with all intelligent features included. This Drone measured 315mm in length and width, 105mm in height powered by 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po battery – only one battery is included in the kit. So I bought two more 750mAh battery to get longer flight at time. Battery charging needs around two hours so it is not a bad idea to have some spare battery at hand.


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There is a mini 2MP removable camera attached to the undercarriage. This is a value for money since I can access to a very nice video via the provided SD card and the USB adaptor is also included for your convenient. From the information out there it was explained that this RC Drone adopts headless mode for beginners. Usually the flying direction always keeps consistent with the nose but with headless mode the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose wherever it points.


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I admit that I start from zero skill so if you were newbie it is an ideal case to explore this Drone together. We are on self-learning process with the Syma X5SC, a newer version of Syma X5-C. The outlook of both versions is relatively the same but new Syma X5SC landing skids are resembled to DJI’s. The integrated six axis gyro help pilot fly this Drone in a stable maneuver as it tries to help you to be free from tilt or roll. I have no idea how to start with this thing I just gently push up the left hand throttle control and see it floats in the air and then wobbles into unpredictable direction so I try to correct it with both right stick and left stick. To be honest I am vague to a correct response.


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Learning takes time since I have to concentrate on the control sticks and their functions. So you need to remember which stick direction responds to what control on both side. For me the ideal place to practice this RC Drone is outdoor preferably on the lawn. I had flown this Drone with minimum controlled skill for the first two battery and after that it was more confident in me just enough to make fun with this four blades.



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Hovering the Drone around 1.0 -1.5 meters above the ground is what I intend in a learning flight. To be on this height the left hand got to move upward and downward to skim the level until it reached expected altitude. Just take your time to feel this control and always keep desirable altitude however you need to use some right and left hand stick to keep the Drone in front of you.  Learning by exploring is fun to do and I am eager to try this and that without worrying of the accident. This is a forgivable Drone it has blade protection guard with really tough body.


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There are many reviews out there that Syma X5SC is weak when penetrating the wind and thus seems to be stalled. I did it fast in the wind with H (high) mode it flew much slower against the wind and needed full upward sticks for both left and right hand, however it is fun to fight the wind. Yes it is true that there is not enough power even in full speed to fly against the high wind but with its small size and only one Li-Po cell operating I did not expect much in term of fastness particularly in a strong wind. In fact it is acceptable for me within this performance and if you fly it windward it can make a good whiz in front of you.



Don’t hesitate to own one if you love RC Drone this is not a pricy product but it is rather cheap in consideration to what you can get. So far so good I still fly it in my house both indoor and outdoor, and that is so cool since don’t have to wait until the weekend to make it at the flying club.


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This Drone cost $65.90 + Free Shipping please click on the image for more details


Some Testimonial of people who fly Syma Drone

By Oran S. on May 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great Quadcopter for beginners, as always extremely fast delivery and great price, other then 4AA batteries, putting the 4 landing legs and the blade guards (optional) its ready to fly, recommended to run motors on lowest speed at first run to avoid burning the motors, also my personal recommendation is get 4 extra batteries 600mah each, comes with a charger for $13 (free 2 day shipping with prime) and now you have about 25-28 minutes depending if the camera is in use and how you fast you run the motors.Much better quality then my old Syma x5 R.I.P (drowned in the lake by my house, only 3 days old)-;) design makes more sense then the first model, battery location is in the right place and not underneath, power switch is underneath, camera is not the best quality but in daylight will give you a the idea of how things look from up there obviously not 1080p or 4k but for the $75.50 i paid and what you get here i dont see how you can go wrong here.
Durability of this drone is awesome I’ve crashed my first syma x5 about 100 times, dropped it in the water for 5 seconds and its was still running like a champ.
Parts are cheap to replace (4 motors are about $15) but drone itself shouldn’t be too much to buy (no remote, no camera) main board and covers can be purchased as well.
Packaging is very nice comes with 4 extra blades, charger, screwdriver, 4gb micro SD card, usb micro SD card reader, remote (need to purchase 4AA batteries) landing gear, camera, battery comes inside the drone.Bottom line it’s an awesome Quadcopter for a good price, lots of fun and evan if broken it wont hurt to break or be expensive to fix.
It’s not a DJI or Walkera but sure is a lot of fun, i highly recommend.Thank you Amazon and Thank you Syma.











4 thoughts on “RC Drone for beginner

  1. Hi Tinnakon, if you make a mistake and the drone comes down or crashes into a wall, can it survive? Cheers, Jerry

    • To my experience I had numerous crashes but it is still in good condition. If you get really bad crash then you need some spare part like blade for instance. But these things are included in the kit. The only thing you must be aware of is the altitude, keep it low, within 2.0 meter, is a safe idea. My friend lose one of this kind flying so high and the wind carried it away to the near by building. Cheers.

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