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It is so exciting to see many flying wing in various plane type.  From military aircraft to private aviation flying wing takes part in the design that offers fluid shape and solid flying characteristic. The rocket man is one prove that flying wing is his successful equipment that makes the dream of mankind comes true.


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Flying wing should have been inspired by the bird in the early flying age.  We never stop making better and better equipment to assist flying and the basic of flying wing has been developing to numerous projects. As for RC plane lover one type of an airplane that we should not miss is the RC flying wing.  Flying wing is basic kind of plane that is easy to build and is fun to fly. It consists of main wing and some small vertical tail on the wing tip of both sides, and that are all the basic parts needed to build a RC flying wing.


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Flying wing control system is simple through the mix of aileron and elevator which is called “Elevons”.  With the modern radio transmitter you can assign the Elevons feature to the plane attribute with ease,  but if this feature is not available on your radio transmitter you can buy the V-tail mixer to set up the Elevon control.  There are total of three channels on the radio transmitter required to set up the control surfaces which are Throttle, Elevator, and Aileron.  However in case that you want to make a slope soaring then the throttle channel is not concerned.


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The Flying wing can be mounted with both Nitro engine and Brushless motor or no power unit at all depends on your flying preference. That is truly a versatile point of  the flying wing. From slope soaring, thermal hunting, racing and fun flying this type of plane can takes part in the role in most events. Needless to say the popularity of this wing which is fully accepted in all RC flying club I believe that once the new RC flyer has flown this plane he will be amazed how this wing can fly with ease and fun.


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You need not be an expert to fly the flying wing. I could remember the very first group of my flying club that I joined nearly all flied the flying wing. They built their own flying wing from EPO foam and that could be finished within one day or less.  I had many experiences with flying wing it has well gliding characteristic but the control of pitch and yaw is not as crisp as normal plane. However with several practice it becomes acquainted and is comfortable to fly even in the strong wind.   With bigger size flying wing it turns out to be a highly stable plane and is more relax to fly, more or less like a trainer plane.  This video speaks directly to what I said.


When you get into the first flight of the RC flying wing I am quite sure that you will have trouble to launch it on your own.  Unlike other RC planes with fuselage where we can grab and hold it to make a hand launch, the flying wing has only the wing to hold so you must be well prepared of how to throw it to the air. An ideal launching is to hold one wing in your hand and throw it like the one shown in the video or in the below picture.  During the throwing process you need only ¼ of the throttle to power the plane but some flyer prefers launching with no power as this is greatly save the hand from injury by the propeller.


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I hope this article brings you some pleasure of RC flying wing. Since it is cheap and easy to build I would like to continue the next post with concentration on how to build one of this kind. But if some of our friend RC flyer are not accustomed to the plane building please kindly take a look at the ARF (almost ready to fly) as an alternative.















6 thoughts on “RC Flying wing

  1. This is a very interesting hobby. I have toyed around with remote control cars but I have never had a flying RC. Are these things easy to break if you wreck one or have a hard landing?

  2. Hi

    Wouaw!! Great article,and the pictures are awesome. I really like the batman one.
    My children will love these toys.
    Thank you for this great blog

  3. Great information, indeed! I was wondering…what advantages do flying wings have over other RC aerial vehicle?

    • Flying wing for RC flyer is easy to make and fun to fly thus save money to have one. But to the advanced technology side flying wing turns out to be a notorious plane that complicates to build but there are many advantages in flying aerodynamically.

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