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If you love airplane and aviation it is highly possible that you will love remote control airplane as well. As I am one of the RC plane enthusiasts (RC stands for radio control) I love to visit a flying field whether it is a real air show or the RC flying event.  Such event usually draws a lot of attention from the people as the show always highlights the air race and the fly by of numerous remote control airplanes, this is truly a spectacular place where we can see vintage or war plane displayed and yet they can really get off and fly. The airplanes are ranging from normal nitro to gas turbine engine which is more than enough to make your passion scintillated all day long.


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The remote control airplane, usually called RC plane, is the controllable aerial vehicle that flies like a real plane though smaller in size. Nearly all kind of real airplane can be modeled as RC plane and this is very important to the aviation since many newly designed aircraft are usually mocked up their designs into a RC plane and get tested before building the prototype.



Remote control airplane has been developed over decades and it is becoming more used in both recreation purpose and military purpose.  For example UAV or FPV is one kind of RC plane that equipped with the intimidating weapon. It can snoop and annihilate the opponent with no risk of its military personnel.  In the fast pace of technologies RC plane is entering new episode as many RC flyer become First Person View (FPV) pilot that allows them to take control of his RC plane through a real time camera placed inside the plane and fly it with a vision of a real pilot.



Let’s focus more on the other aspects or remote control airplane. It looks like a risky hobby for most people.  So many new RC flyers fail to engage in this hobby because they did not have a right helper like an experienced flyer or a mentor tools like a RC Flight Simulator.  This is quite an expensive hobby that can become scrap within a seconds.  With the awe and thrilling I got once I was a newbie I accept that this is a hobby that has higher fear factor among others.



The good news is that nowadays the RC plane is becoming cheaper than that of in the old day since the PNP foam are more popular in use on the RC plane. Furthermore there are so many countries that offer good balsa RC plane with reasonable price –Vietnam, Taiwan for instance.  So today you can enjoy RC hobby with a more favorable price and, secondly, you can practice flying with fight simulator which is very close to flying a real RC plan without worrying of making crash. Once you are keen in the flight simulator you can look for the helper in the flying club to mentor a real flight for you, with this learning path you are can surely be a successful RC flyer – sound good isn’t it?


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Do not let the fear factor dominate you.  Simply invest in the RC flight simulator that gives you a real touch of RC plane including the spectacular environment, and if you addict to it, which is always happened, you can switch from a trainer plane to others as there are a lot of aircraft you can get on. It is unwise to buy the RC plane before a flight simulator today.  Common thing I found in the training room of one flying club was the PC that loaded with Flight simulator software. They took it serious for the newbie with the course of flight training like taxing, taking off and landing that comply with the flight standard and with approval before getting off to fly a real RC plane.


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No wonder why airline pilot must have the repetitive practice with the airline flight simulator that can simulate numerous problems including hazardous environment so as to test the pilot endeavor.  This surely confirms my suggestion that it is very important to get trained by this tool before making further move to the real RC plane. Of course today we have better learning tools that support everyone who want to fly the remote control airplane.


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If you would like to choose the real trainer plane for yourself, after receiving successful training from the flight simulator, I would suggest you to purchase the PNP foam RC plane which is more value for your money and more durable to withstand the crash. This type of plane is normally easy to fix and fly so you can enjoy it for longer time than the balsa plane.  There are also two types of airplane kit to choose from which are called ARF (Almost ready to fly) and RTF (Ready to fly) you can get more detail by follow the link here RC AIRPLANE KITS.



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There are more and more things you will be learned naturally in the flying club, for instance observing how the experienced flyer makes maintenance on his plane, or how they set up the engine before the flight etc.




As the observer I think you don’t have to pay any fee but it is a good treat to be with the people there. I used to be in many flying clubs just to see nice RC plane flying and making the observation around. It is nice to spend time in the flying club where we get new friend and I believe you will have a nice time associating with them.





I may not cover all the issues you wish to know. So what specifically the topic do you want to know? If you want to know how to fly RC plane then this link will lead you to pertinent information 



In case that you want to broaden your knowledge of the remote control airplane in a more explorer way your ideal place should be within our website and under BEGINNER menu you can see a lot of drop down menus which are all helpful for your understand of the remote control airplane in depth.


The RC ASSISTANCE menu is however more technical kind of information than that of the BEGINNER menu it provides the RC flyer with all technical aspects intended to support the RC flyer to set up his RC plane correctly.


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  1. Hi,
    Wow! You build a great website on your niche topic. Although I am not familiar with RC plane, I just saw the guys playing this, but I feel exciting when they are playing RC plane. Anyway, I am interested in airplane or car modelling, it is really interesting topic and I think would related to your niche. Thanks

  2. A very cool boys toys post mate. Informative and dead easy to read. I never knew that they did flying model in what you allude to are great detail and a variety of different planes. Very interesting and a great job you should smash your niche, I think. Especially if you keep on writing to that standard mate just check your grammar tho.

  3. How do these compare in price and quality to those drones you see nowadays that are all the rage? I personally like these planes much better, but it seems you can do much more with a drone. Are there organizations and clubs that still do competitions and programs with young kids and their planes?

    • Drone and Rc plane has definitely different feeling to fly with. People who fly drone may not join flying club but rather gets on with friend or same group of interest. Considering the price both of them have price starting from very cheap to very expensive price, over 5,000 dollar for instance. It really depends on the size and capacity of the product. Drone competition is not heard so far but RC plane competition is very popular and isalways organized within the flying club.

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