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Are you looking for the rc plane ready to fly?

Model details

Wing Span : 1120mm

Length : 890mm

Power  :  480 Brushless Outrunner 960Kv with 30A ESC

Including : includes a sophisticated Spektrum DX4e transmitter with 2.4GHz DSMX technology.

Special features : SAFE Technology provides multiple levels of bank and pitch limitations that can be reduced or removed as your skills progress.

Price :  289.99$US


As intermediate flyer you have some experience with beginner plane for sometime and you are looking for more challenging plane with authentic look but are not fully confident to fly this type of plane for fear that it might be more difficult to control. This article might sooth your feeling a bit since we are reviewing the plane that has built in Safe Technology. This plane has what I belive the gyro in the horizontal axis that assists roll and yaw control, and the vertical axis that assist the pitch control.



This F4U is kind of Rc plane ready to fly that offers radio transmitter, the body which includes motor, speed control, battery, and the charger plus some accessories such as spare propeller.  You may also need one or two more battery after you enjoy a successful flight but I want to recommend that you should master at least two planes of this like in the flight simulator before start flying this one.



The outlook of the plane is a scale model that may hinder some intermediate flyer confidence to start with. Yes everyone has a secure reason in mind particularly the newbie so please understand that I do not encourage you to choose this plane to start with. What I have in mind is to point out some smart features that are now available in one of the RTF plane today.



This RTF plane is awesome for its built in safe technology that help pilots fly and land their plane without the risk to ram the plane on the ground. However the this plane is flying relatively faster than general beginner plane so I don’t think this one is appropriate to the beginner.



One feature that is believed to be a point of sales is the Save Technology and one of this is the special button on the transmitter that is called a panic recovery mode which when it is activated the plane will come back to a safe level flight by itself.  By using this auto correction the beginner can survive any potential crash but they must access the panic button on time before it is too late to correct the mistake.






Not an impeccable technology you are expected for but it should be enough to safe your investment to start flying scale model. In a certain weather condition this plane may act strange due to its auto pilot reaction that is trying to recover the bad maneuver. Let see how the pilot who have flown this plane talk about it.


F4U reviews


F4U reviews 2


What is more to say, the evidence is explicit so you are the one to evaluate yourself which scale plane to start with. Please leave your comment here if you have any opinion for this article.



2 thoughts on “Safe Technology Review

  1. Hi Tinnakon – Another great review. Safe technology is a must for everyone to avoid damage to their RC planes. You really have a lot of knowledge to share on this subject.

    • Hello Mark nice to hear you like this one but you’d better keep in mind that it is not for beginner. But if you are bore of beginner plane this one is surely worth a try.

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