Spitfire OS25FX Review



Spitfire with OS25FX engine Tuned Pipe

Model details

Wing Span : 1000mm

Length : 880mm

Engine : OS 25FX (0.25Cu.inc replacement)

Weight : 1.5 Kg.


Spitfire0.25. 4My old friend came to visit me at the flying club and shown me his Spitfire that resembled to the one I have.  His plane has got yellow coat all over its fuselage and wing. He was absolutely right that this would help him spot it in the sky,  particularly with this smaller one. His inspiration arose when he saw the one of mine furiously flown long time ago.  In fact this plane was modified into an oversize engine, as for its size is normally good for 0.15Cu.inc but we love to put in 0.25Cu.inc to see how fun it will be. Any way he wanted me to fly this plane to test his engine that fitted with Tuned Pipe.



Spitfire0.25. 2It does not render a true scale look of Spitfire but the builder is well recognized among the hobby fans for the excellent quality as well as the superb flying characteristic of his plane. This local made Semi- scale plane is normally equipped with electric motor but this one is embraced with stronger firewall and reinforced wing to withstand the nitro engine power.



Spitfire0.25. 3But my friend had got the tune pipe on his engine. This young blood is crying out for power so he did it to entertain himself with the aim to knock out the other plane in the sky. Frankly speaking I don’t like tune pipe as it makes loud and unpleasant noise, but since it was handed out to me for a compulsory test so I have no other choice rather than beating this tiny Spitty to a full throttle to entertain these folks around.





As you can see this yellow Spitfire is obviously faster than other plane around, including the one I have, but it is easy to control. The only threat is owing to the size of the plane which is too small – 1000mm wing span.  I was not flying too far as it would be very difficult to read the plane’s maneuver, therefore after some straight flight path I made a turn, otherwise I will be in trouble to see its where about.



Spitfire0.25. 5

My Spitfire OS25 size without tuned pipe

The video did not show how I landed the plane which was quite unpredictable at first.  I need two trial low pass to know how to prepare for the landing, you can imagine how fast the gliding speed was, however a second attempt for landing was finally successful. To this success I cut down the throttle to the idle long before approaching the last U- turn to the runway, the plane gently descended on the U-turn with slightly nose drop at the leftover speed –  still noticeably fast. It finally glided well on the path and landed safely.



It was very impressive to fly this plane since it was flying fast with stable and reliable control. I would believe that it can beat many sport planes in the same class in any racing flight. Bad news was the plane is no longer in service since my friend had clashed it on one unfortunate flight.  Farewell to our Yellow Spitfire.






8 thoughts on “Spitfire OS25FX Review

  1. This is a great resource to beginner and experts. Thank you for putting this together as all the other site I have visited are way over my head as a beginner.

  2. Hello Tinnakon,

    Great looking site with some sharp reviews.
    I don’t know much about this stuff, but you made it comprehensible.

    Kind regards,

  3. Awesome. It was hard to see it on the video it was so fast, but it looked gorgeous even if was the colour of a canary. I guess there are very few pilots of the original Spitfire plane around now but I’m sure they’d have approved of this model even if it’s not exactly a replica. You say you don’t like the sound. I thought it was great. It reminded me of the sound of the Stuka’s in a dive in the old movies – like screaming banshee’s

  4. Wow your website is awesome.I didn’t know that this plane can go so fast.I am really interested.

    Can you tell how and where to start? Is expensive and what you recommend to someone who wants to approach this wonderful world.

    Thank you in advance.


    • Hi Diego thanks for your visit. Please follow the Beginner section which will help you get start step by step. Be comfortable to play with Flight Simulator that is within your affordable price. To have this idea please visit my Mini Rc Store which is listed under the Beginner section. Thank you again for your interest.

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